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Alexey P.


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Hi! I’m Alexey, and I’m a UI/UX Designer from Bucha, Ukraine, and I’m 20 years old. I don’t have much experience working for a company. Mostly I was freelancing and doing personal projects, but I’ve been doing it for 2 years already. I also have experience working as an intern in a small agency based in Kyiv, called 4PI. There I worked on a couple of landings and a small e-commerce site. My last project was a travel app where my role as a UI/UX designer. We also had another designer on the team. She was responsible for illustrations and stickers for Telegram messenger. Now, the problem – after some time it seemed like she couldn’t find the time or the energy to create stickers that make the management happy. To be honest, they were pretty pissed off about the production delays. So, here is what I did, first of all, I remained calm and empathetic for both sides of this conflict. Then I talked with her – the designer, that is – and yeah, she bit off more than she could chew and, well, she burned out. Because of that, I helped her in the creation of the rest of the stickers well, I made a couple myself and pitched them to the management. They were happy, and the project deadlines were met. As you can see, I try to be a good team player, and I strongly believe that people are doing better work when they are in groups. But I prefer when everyone has their certain responsibilities in the team so that there could be fewer potentially clashing opinions on something. To end this interview, I would like to list a couple of my qualities, which make me a good employee. I’m very attentive to details and can adapt to work in pretty stressful environments. Thanks a lot for your attention. Hope to work alongside you soon!

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Remote Helpers
March 2021 — present
Logo design, landing page design, creating graphic ads for social networks.
UI/UX Designer
2019 — present
Creating typography, illustrations, animations, and business cards.


National Aviation University
Computer networks
September 2019 — present
Irpin Economic College
Computer networks
Technical and vocational education
September 2015 — June 2019


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