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Antonina V.

Lead generation manager

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Tonia. I’m 28 years old. I live in Kryvyi Rih. I received my education in Kryvyi Rih National University. For the last 4 years I worked as a SEO servant and main responsibilities at this job were organization and providing good administrative services. Such kind of services like registration property, flat houses and some land issues. I had to directly connect with people in this position and do all my best to give them good administrative services. Sometimes it was not so easy because people are different, they have different characters, different mood. And you should take it into account and other risk factors, which can affect communication. I am a good speaker and a good listener that’s why I’ve always been able to get along with different types of people. I also have experience as an accountant for 8 months. That means that I’m a multitasking person. I can work directly with people, and with a lot of information. Now I need a new challenge. I’m interested in working full time in a stable and growing organization. Thank you for all your attention. I will be waiting for your reply. Have a nice day, bye!

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Lead generation manager
March 2021 -Present
Looking for Influencers’ contacts in various social networks. Lead generation, establishing communication with new customers, providing information about the company.
Kryviy Rih State Administration
February 2016 - present
Organization of providing the subjects of appeals information and consultations on the procedure for providing administrative services. Receipt of documents necessary for the provision of administrative services from the subjects of appeals. Issuance and provision of sending the results of the provision of administrative services to the subjects of appeals. Organization of providing administrative services. Carrying out control over the observance by the administrative services of the terms of consideration of cases and decision-making. Ensuring the protection of personal data.
Individual Entrepreneurs concerning
May 2015 -December 2015
Receipt and control over the correctness of the primary documentation, ensuring complete and accurate reflection of the information contained in the primary documents. Participation in the inventory of cash, calculations and liabilities. Registration of materials related to shortages and compensation for losses from shortages, theft and damage to property of the enterprise. Ensuring the preservation of property, rational and efficient use of materials, labor and financial resources. Control over the storage of accounting documents, their execution in accordance with the established procedure.


Kryviy Rih National University
Management organization and administration
September 2000 -June 2015


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