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Arthur T.

Front-end developer

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Hello. I am Artur. I am 23 years old. I’m from the city Grodno. I’m learning some programming things for nearly 2 years, I think. My first job was connected with SEO optimization. I had been working for a big company called “Together Networks” for 3 months. It was a very interesting experience for me because all my life I have worked as a seller. But then I realized that it is not the thing that I want to do all my life. And I want to try something new. SEO was very interesting to me. I explore this world of SEO optimization and it was a very good experience for me. Then I tried to be a web programmer, but I made it to a very small company where the chief leader wanted from me a very high skill of learning, that I didn’t have. I’m a freelancer now. So, I just want to be a good experience specialist. I like SEO, I read some books, I want to develop myself. So, I want to make my life better and I think that SEO is the way that can help me. I’m a very patient man because I worked as a seller in different agencies, in different cities, so I saw many people. I can hold my anger inside me. And I’m not conflicted man. I have half of a year of experience in the world of IT and I want to become a better specialist.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Front-end developer
April 2021 — present
Making up templates for website, correction of wordpress page setting.
Front-end developer
May 2021
Website construction, wordpress landing, connection acf
Front-end developer
September 2020 — March 2021
Taking private orders for websites creation and correction
Front-end developer
July 2020 — September 2020
Converting psd and figma templates in html, adaptive cross-browser design, site redesign and correction
Seo, front-end
April 2020 — July 2020
Creating website pages, converting templates into HTML, linking

Education source
Technical and vocational education
September 2014 —December 2019
Belarus State University of Physical Culture
Tourism management
General secondary education
September 2014 — December 2019


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