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Danylo B.

Wordpress Developer

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Hello. My name is Danylo. I am 19 years old. I live in Kyiv. My past experience was in the position of WordPress developer in the company Secret Agency. My responsibilities were to make the website work and improve it. It gave me a lot of knowledge of WordPress and improved my skills. In a difficult situation, I am always calm because in my opinion panic will only make the situation worse. I like to do logical work where you need to think, where you need to find a solution for the problem. That`s why I like coding or making websites. It is interesting you need to think, you need to do something new every time. My hobby is a sport. Since childhood, I’ve been attending different sports clubs. For now, I am attending the gym and keep my health in a good position. I had a small experience with managing pages at the last job. And I am using my computer very often because I do all the main things on my computer. I am a team player because for me it`s easier to solve the problem in the team than alone. But there is no problem with me working alone. And why you should choose me? Because I have very good motivation to improve myself in IT sphere, in the developing. And I am open, it is easy to find the common language with me. I am looking for a full-time job. My future plans it`s to keep improving myself in the IT sphere. Keep improving yourself. What about my principles? My first principle is not to talk about my plans, I don’t know why, but for me is very personal. My second principle is first to do my job, only then I can have a rest. And the third principle is to do something that scares me, to do something where I have very small knowledge. It helps me improve myself, improve my skills. So yes, like that.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
May 2021 — Present
Website development, website support and optimization of their work (increasing productivity, security, etc.), integration of sites with external and internal systems, writing technical documentation.
Secret Agency
Wordpress developer
April 2019 — April 2021
Website development, optimization of work on WordPress, providing fast response time and optimization, installation and configuration of plug-ins.


Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
September 2013 — January 2020


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