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El Walid T.

Lead generation manager

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Hello, my name is El Walid, I’m 25 years old, and I live in the city of Rubizhne. I would love to work as a translator, I know many languages and I very fluent in them. And I feel like all the potential and those skills are just going to waste. And I would love to exploit them into something good and useful. I worked for 1 year at a marriage agency. It taught me to type and read faster. It also improved my English skills and my communication skills. I’ ve made it one of my hobbies to learn new languages. I’m very fluent in Russian, French, English, and Arabic. I can easily read and type and speak them. When it comes to working in a group or alone I think it’s always better to work with other people. You can always share your own experience and ideas with them and learn new things from them. It also comes easier if help is needed in any situation to ask for it and to get it. When it comes to my traits and qualities, I like to think of myself as a very social and very friendly person. I find it very easy to start a conversation or communicate with other people, even people I don’t know. I also like to think of myself as very organized, very hardworking, and I’m very serious especially about work. I know that I’m not very experienced at this type of work, but I hope that my skills are what you are looking for. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Content manager
October 2020 — Present
Producing and publishing content, writing, editing and proofreading, formulating content strategies and managing a content team, among other tasks.
RNW Media
Content manager
April 2021 — May 2021
Keywords search, website search optimization.
Eldorado, Ukraine
Content manager
April 2020 — October 2020
Creating advertisement content using keywords, translating and editing texts for website.
French and Arabic translator
November 2019 — December 2020
Translating different kinds of texts, communicating in a written form.


Lugansk State Medical University
General Medicine
September 2017 — present


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