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Herman Z.

Front-end developer

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Hello! My name is Herman. I’m 20. From Kyiv and I’m seeking for a full time web developer position in your company. As a developer I have experience in front-end parts of the web. So, that’s why I would like to work with front-end projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. But also I can use websites constructors such as Tilda. At this stage of my web-developer career, I would like to work in team. Because it’s much easier to learn and progress when you work in environment of people that share your attitude of learning and developing new things. As for my personal qualities: I’m hardworking and dedicated to the job that I do. But deadlines are necessity for me. Because so called “Hard deadlines” really helps me to understand the time limits. At the moment of speaking I’m a student of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. For that I could tell that I have programming background, because my specialty is connected to the computer science. In development I hate getting stuck for a long time. But I really like to find out new or easy ways to get things done. Speaking of past experiences: I was an assistant of freelancer. My duties were to make websites on Tilda. Check adds campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Write posts and translate content, for example whole website from Russian to English. But SMM wasn’t really interesting to me. Thank you for your attention and I will be happy to hear your feedback.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Front-end developer
December 2020 — present
Implementing visual elements that users can and interact with in a web application.
Pini Zrihen Ltd
Front-end developer
February 2021 — present
Wordpress landing, layout of websites, hosting management, content management.
.Net Developer
Junior Full-Stack
November 2019 — October 2020
Programming and configuration of the core of the site, developing of the platform and fundamental functionality of the site or application


Kyiv National University of Technology and Design
Automation and computer integrated technologies
September 2018— July 2022