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Julia Z.

SMM manager

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Hello! My name is Leah, and my full name is Julia. But for me, more comfortable when people call me just Lia. I’m eighteen, and I live in Kyiv. Since I was 15 I have been working in the serving sector, but I don’t really like my job cause’ I know that I deserve more than just being a waitress. The most difficult situation in my life started when I was 12. I had anorexia for about six years. And the hardest thing in this situation is not to gain weight. Very hard was look at the meal every day and see how you get bigger. Now I’m fine, and I’m heavy. My favorite work always was something creative. I really like editing videos and blogging. I’ve been doing this for about 4 or 5 years. And to be honest, I hope that my blogging will become my job in the future. As I said earlier, my hobbies are blogging, taking photos, drawing, singing too. My interest in social media started when I was 8. I really love watching video bloggers on YouTube and dreaming that one day I will be a blogger too. When I was 12, I started making videos with my friends. When I was 14, I started studying at the computer academy for about three years. After that, I tried myself on other social media, but it was so bad. But three months ago, I had a mental breakdown, and I deleted all of that. And of course, I started again. And now, as for me, I have a lot of followers because 200 000 for me is so many. I prefer when I work alone. Cause I’m a little bit unsocial. And if you are okay with this – Yes. So, about me. I’m hardworking, creative, responsible, and just a good person. I always had been an excellent employee. Now I’m looking for a full-time job. My plan for the future is to release a full album with my songs. And my sound engineer and I are working on it. Then I want to gain 1 million subscribers, and of course, become a well-paid employee. My main goal is to be happy. Yea, that’s all. Okay, and a little bit of money. My basic principle in life it’s to respect every person. Even if I don’t like him, I can say that I’m very tolerant. My strong point is that I’m very purposeful and weak that I’m very sentimental. I prefer to work with numbers. Even when I was studying in school, my favorite subject was math. At work, I love creativity. And to be honest, I don’t have something that I hate at work. Thank you for watching! I’ll be waiting for your reply.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
SMM manager
November 2020 — present
Implementation of content strategy in social networks and messengers, creationing, publication and promotion of stories and posts, reporting.
Content manager
February 2021 — June 2021
Writing posts, creating a content plan, participation in the creation of advertising, publication and organic promotion of posts, organic set of subscribers, maintaining Instagram and Facebook, analysis of statistics, discussion with the designer of all pictures, banners, making stories.
Junior Lead Generation Manager
September 2020 — November 2020
Searching new clients and negotiating with them.


Lyceum “Universum”
September 2006 — May 2015