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Kateryna H.


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Hello everyone, who is watching it. My name is Katrine and this is my video interview. I like my work to be done perfectly or at least good enough. I am a quick learner, I am ambitious and creative. In fact, my professional skills are also my hobbies, like writing, making stuff in Photoshop, video editing. I also enjoy reading and learning languages, I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English,  und Ich spreche Deutsch ein bisschen. I also had work experience as a journalist in an online magazine and as a web designer. So I know how websites work from the inside. As a matter of fact, I love making content. My current passion is graphic design. I started learning Adobe Illustrator by myself. And this is how I handle difficult situations in my life. I just read a lot and try to learn everything about the problem I face. I cannot say for sure whether I am a team player or an alone worker, because I am an introvert, and everything depends on the situation and tasks. But when you are a part of a team, you always can have support and help, and when you are working alone, you can take all the responsibility on yourself and by yourself, which is good for me in both options. Why should you choose me? Because I am young and have a lot of potentials. I also consider myself to be talented. I can get along with people very well. I have some basic knowledge of psychology either. So I know how to handle conflicts and how to mind my own business while I am working. So thank you for having me, thank you for your attention.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
April 2021 — Present
Creating slogans and developing names; developing a positive image of the company; providing content for various resources; carrying out editorial and information-analytical activities.
Ukranian Fashion Education Group
March 2017 — November 2017
Writing, designing and publishing texts. Photo and video shooting.


V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
September 2015 — February 2021