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Mariia S.

Lead generation manager

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Hi, I am Mariia and I am 18. I am studying at Lviv polytechnic university, so for today, Lviv is my home. I don’t have so much experience, but it doesn’t mean I am a useless employee. For more than half a year, I worked as a courier, so I know like no one how to sacrifice myself to a client and how to do everything in time. I also worked as a waitress in a huge restaurant, and although it was only for one month last summer, I became a really patient and stress-resistant person. Of course, working with people is really hard, but I always try to prevent different situations and conflicts by gaining compliments. I always do it fast and with no doubt. I can easily adapt to working in different programs and fluently master in different spheres if I need it. My ability to adapt is not only about computers it also with people. I am an extravert so I can easily find a common interest with people, but I prefer not to be in the center of attention, and I am a perfect team player but when every member of the team is doing his work honestly because when somebody is not diligent enough, I understand that I would like to do all the work alone. Why am I a good candidate? In my opinion and based on my experience. I am a really flexible and adaptable person. I always study from and speak with experienced people who motivate me to move. I am really organized and responsible. And my strongest disadvantage is lack of experience, and I am ready to get it!

Work experience

Remote Helpers
lead generation manager
June 2020 — present
Finding potential clients. Doing business correspondence with them and setting up calls for sales department.
Lead generation manager
March 2021 - July 2021
looking for leaders, influencers for cooperation in social networks LinkedIn, FB, IG, mail, correspondence with them, answering their questions about the company, project, etc., they registing for a call with the brand manager. Working in CRM, performing follow-ups, updating contact information and added new ones.
Uber eats
January 2020 — present 2020
Delivery of orders, communication with clients
October 2019 — January 2020
Delivery of orders, communication with clients
July 2019 — August 2019
Service clients, work with cash register


Lviv Polytechnic National University
ICNI, Intelligent Information Systems and Technologies
September 2018 — June 2022


  • Human Resources
  • / Marketers
  • / Personal Assistants
  • / Translators