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Natalia T.

Front-end developer

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Hello! My name is Natalia. I am 27 and I live in Nowa Kahowka, Kherson region. My previous jobs were related to accounting and finances. At my last job, I was a media planner and worked with digital ads, developed and calculated promo campaigns for clients, made reports and analyses at the end of it. When difficult situations happened I tried not to be too emotional and concentrate on solving the problem. For example, when the campaign went not according to the plan, I made a detailed report with explanations why something went wrong and offered some discount or additional service to make a client pleased. Now my goal is to become a professional Front-End Developer. I prefer an orderly and logically structured process, that’s why I’m enjoying coding and I like that I can see the particular result immediately. Also, it’s important to me to have an opportunity to keep growing. I prefer to work alone because I feel more confident when my work doesn’t depend on anyone else. But I have experience of working with a team and I believe that if you want to create something really big you should be able to be a team player. Talking about my personal qualities: I am persistent and responsible. When I’m doing something I take it very seriously. And I guess I am a pretty reasonable person. I am OK with constructive criticism. I am not conflicting, sometimes I take a stand but eventually, I believe that different people can have different views and we should respect this. Thanks for your attention and have a nice day.

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Remote Helpers
Front End Developer
March 2021 -present
Analyze website and optimize its loading speed, validate the code, make cross browser testing, check the mobile version of a website and fix all the bugs for it to be shown correctly.


Kharkiv National University of Economics named after Semen Kuznets
Faculty of Economics
September 2012 -August 2016


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