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Nataliia K.


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Hello! My name is Nataliia. I am 35 years old. I was working for European big companies such as Inditex and H& holding the position of a store manager. According to my experience, I am a well-organized person. My main tasks were to plan all staff work, analyze sales, make schedules, recruit people, adapt new staff and train them, order products which we will sell, plan and do strategic thinking about what will change in the season, what will change in customers’ needs, and so on. I am also a creative person. Merchandising in the store was really interesting for me. I like to work with communication. I like working when I can plan my day by myself, and check what has been already done and check how it’s going on. For me, it’s very important to see the results of my work.
What I plan is what I get.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
November 2020 —Present
Interpreting data and turning it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions.
H&M, Kiev
April 2020 —Present
Organization and control of team work, drawing up work schedules / vacation schedules, mentor for new managers, assessment of employee knowledge, admission and dismissal of employees, merchandising store.
Bershka, Kiev
Store director
August 2010 —March 2017
Recruitment and development of staff of 60 people, planning tasks for preparation for the opening, merchandising store, work with indicators and analysis of employee productivity per hour, competitor analysis, carrying out inventories, customer service,registration of personnel, drawing up training plans for new employees, merchandising, corporate culture, working with KPIs, motivation of employees, competitor analysis.


Horlivka Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages
English language and foreign literature
September 2004 —June 2008
Graphic design course
Technical and vocational education
January 2019 —April 2019
International Consulting Group “Living Business”
Professional Coach
Technical and vocational education
April 2020 —August 2020
Faculty of Corporate Communications
Facilitation in business
Technical and vocational education
November 2020