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Oleksandr V.

Video editor

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Hello, my name is Oleksandr, I’m twenty-nine years old, live in Kyiv since I can remember myself. I am a freelancer, currently, work with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects apps for about a year and a half. Most of the time, I worked alone, but if it’s necessary – ready to work in a team. I am looking for a full-time job where I’ll be able to show my full potential. I used to play bass guitar in various rock bands and couldn’t miss a single rock festival. But all that is in the past, today I prefer acoustic guitar, write poetry and love camping. And, since you cannot forget your roots – visit rock festivals at least once or twice per year. I am polite, attentive, non-contentious, stress-resistant, and overall got a pretty calm demeanor. So, if the world starts to fall apart – I can always pull myself together to finish all tasks at hand. I love interesting tasks where you have to use your imagination and get genuinely thrilled when I see how hours of continuous labor turn themselves into a remarkable result. If I’m sure there’s a better solution to the problem that may save time and money or will produce extremely better results – I always explain it to my clients in a short and clear way. Yes, it’s not my job to decide what is better for a client, but I never liked lazy co-workers who did just what was asked of them. I think Initiative and small extra steps are ingredients you need in order to produce a masterpiece!

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Video editor
November 2020 — present
Linear and non-linear video editing, sound design. Working with masks, rotoscoping, keying, 3D tracking, cleanup, 2D animation, work with simple VFX elements, work with plugins and text (3D text is possible).
Video editor
March 2021 — May 2021
Cutting video for social media into short pieces, choosing sounds and music for video editing, ensuring video integrity.
Video editor
June 2015 — October 2020
Remote projects in the field of video editing and 2D animation.


National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine
Management of foreign economic activity
September 2008 — June 2013


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