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Petro S.


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My name is Peter, I’m 22 years old. I was born in Kharkiv. Now I’m temporarily living in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. During my life, I have been working in various organizations and companies. As a technical copywriter for a local factory, copywriter in a private agency, etc. In total, I have about a year of experience as a copywriter and about two more years of working with translation in other areas. I prefer remote and full-time work because this is the most convenient employment option, which allows me to succeed in my work. In my free time, I improve my English skills and immerse myself in books. My level is sufficient to understand text of any specification, from production to historical topics. I also like to watch various films in various genres. I do music in my free time. I prefer to teem work. I am quite a sympathetic person. I have straight flack principles. Such as honesty in work with other people, winnest to help them. I’m always responsible for what I do. My battiest are hard of activities and willing to work for results. I’m good in both humanitarian and technical disciplines. But I prefer the formulas. I love any job where I need to think with my head and use geometry potential. Especially tools for working with information and working with sources.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
July 2021 — Present
Creating slogans and developing names, developing a positive image of the company, providing content for various resources, carrying out editorial and information-analytical activities.
Retail Group
May 2020 — December 2020
Creation of slogans and naming (development of names), writing scripts for audio and video clips, development of a positive image of the company, providing information content of various resources, organization of presentations, creation of information occasions.
Donbass State Engineering Academy
Content producer
December 2018 — April 2020
Working closely with host and management to establish the clear direction of daily content Assist the Senior Producer and Producer and work with Associate Producers and Production Assistants with short and long-form original content.
Novo Kramatorsk Machine-Building Plant
June 2020 — present
Making work schedules, orders, applications, instructions, explanatory notes, maps, diagrams, other technical documentation.


Donbass State Engineering Academy
Applied mechanics
September 2016 — June 2020


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