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Svytoslav L.

Front-end developer

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Hi, my name is Svyatoslav, I’m 31 years old. I’m from Ukraine. Kherson is my native town. I graduated as a graphical designer. But the economic situation was such that I needed to choose other professions to work. I learned network administration and boiled a small local area network of a regional scale. Later, I got a career and worked as a webmaster and front-end developer. After that, I worked as a camera guy at the studio. My next job was in the position of sales specialist. Last my job was technical support at an internet sales provider. Talking about how I solve difficult situations, ok, let me give you an example. When I was in the position of a cameraman in a TV studio, we were on a business trip in another city and had to fill the schedule. But the session was moved to another date, so our work was canceled. I saved the situation by filming beautiful views of the town.
But as always, the weather was grey and foggy. I also colored videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. As a result, the customer was so happy that he ordered five more such videos. Most of all, I like to do creative tasks.
Talking about my hobbies, I’m crazy about table tennis, Zumba and gadget.
Also, I like to read about different science inventions and technical knowledge.
Talking about my online experience, I maintained social networks accounts many times, and also I did the graphical design for social network accounts and pages.
It’s a great happiness to work in a team of right-minded people, but there is no such team.
I solve all tasks in stand-alone mode.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Front-end developer
December 2020 — present
Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs.
Front-end developer (VUE)
April 2021 — June 2021
Widgets and widget-editor creating, VUE component-development, WordPress theme components developing.
Technical support specialist
September 2019 — November 2020
Hiring by a company to oversee and maintain their computer hardware and software systems.
October 2017 — May 2019
Optimization of website work.
Graphical designer, web-master, front-end developer and 3D-modeler
March 2016 — December 2017


Instagram marketing marathon from Vlad Yasko
Technical and vocational education
July 2020
National Open University “INTUIT”
HTML 5. Fundamentals of Client Side Development
Technical and vocational education
August 2015
National Open University “INTUIT”
MySQL Administration
Technical and vocational education
July 2015
National Open University “INTUIT”
Fundamentals of Application Development for 1C: Enterprise 8.1
Technical and vocational education
October 2014
3D MAX, Kyiv
Certified Autodesk Specialist
Technical and vocational education
Computer Academy “STEP”, Mykolaiv
Professional training program by 3D Max
Technical and vocational education
National Academy of Staff Management, Culture and Arts
Graphic designer
September 2000 — June 2005