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Vilhelm S.


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Hello! My name is Vilhelm and I am an illustrator and designer at Remote Helpers. I make different kinds of designs for the website of my company, and different illustrations for posts in my company’s blog, and other kinds of illustrations. I also drew the pictures of employees on this website as you could see. Before Remote Helpers I used to work as a game 2D artist, I made the full pack of illustrations for a 2D game. Also, I made a full pack of illustrations for children’s books. I used to make a pack of prints for T-shirts. A drew a pack of pictures to be hung on the walls of the beauty salon in Minsk. When some difficult situation arises it mobilizes my internal powers and some extra creativity. It also energizes me. So due to all of that, I overcome it and succeed. Being a team player or a loner depends on a scale. I draw my illustrations and make my design by myself, I do it alone and I prefer doing it that way. But on a scale of a whole project, I know that I’m just a part of a team, and I’m completely ok with that. If you need an illustrator, you should choose me because I am stable at work, I am reliable and also I have a special style of drawing. If you need a designer, you should choose me because I am creative, reliable and stable at work.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
November 2019 — present
Combining hand-drawing and painting with digital media to create complete illustration, refening designs with illustration software, using various colors, graphics and effects to better convey each concept.
The Hook Media Group
Content manager
January 2019 — March 2020
Producing and publishing content, writing, editing and proofreading, formulating content strategies and managing a content team, among other tasks.
September 2020 — December 2020
Creation of illustrations, collages, processing and retouching of images and photos, color correction, font development, work with vector and raster images.
Piccadilly Beauty Salon
September 2019 — present
Drawing a set of pictures for interior decoration.
Illustrator, 2D artist, design artist
September 2013 — June 2019
Creating illustrations for a children’s book, drawing concepts and character designs for the casual game, developing a logo and designs for t-shirt prints.


Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass
Technical and vocational education
April 2019
Mechanical Engineering
September 2003 — June 2009


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