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Vira V.


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Hello! My name is Vira, I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Ever since childhood, art and computers were my favorite hobbies, and I always wanted to become a designer or an artist, so I went to an art school at the age of 6. It helped me a lot to understand the basics of color and composition.

I haven`t worked in any company yet, but I worked as a freelancer for a while. I created illustrations, photos retouches, and logos for small companies, one of each I attached to my interview.

Currently, I`m studying the technologies of multimedia at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. I take lessons such as the basics of 3d graphics, interface design, and web programming. Also, I worked on an app for our university. I did advertising for it which was officially accepted by our lead director of the television center, which is responsible for all online multimedia content. I attached a screenshot of an app and advertisement too.

Also, I have an active account on Instagram where I post all my illustrations and drawings. I`ve always worked alone on my project, so it`s not a problem for me to not have anyone to help me, but if a problem occurs I will try my best to solve it.

For example, when we had an online 3d graphic lesson, I had to model a lantern, and it had many tiny holes in it. I didn`t know how to module it correctly with the correct typology and try to ask other people what to do, and they always told me to give up and make just a more accessible model, but I didn`t give up and redid this model two or three times. And it was practically perfect after that.

But it`s not a problem for me to get to know new people because I always try to find сommon topics to talk about and even find ourselves arguing about something. I will think logically, not based on my own opinion, to see what is better for the current situation.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
July 2020 — present
Correction of color, light, adjusting exposure, tone, brightness and saturation of the image, cropping, correction of various shortcomings of the original photo. Creation of visual content for social media, websites.
Level Designer
September 2020 — June 2021
Drawing up levels for an online game, existing level editor, it was necessary to correctly place the objects with which the player will interact, choosing the size and shape of the playing field, and setting the required level goals, translation into Russian and Ukrainian


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
Electronics, Systems, technologies, and computer means of multimedia
September 2018 — July 2020


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