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Vitaliia H.

HR manager

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Hello, my name is Vitaliy I am 24 years old and I was born in Zaporizhzhya. My last place of work was an American company and I was work in a marketing department and my responsibilities included Internet promotion and advertising. That was my first experience in an international company. In my work, I prefer to make something new, to create something new, and the best part is when I have enough time to work with details. I think it’s connected with my education in art. I have two big hobbies. I like to paint and to teach. I was teaching children to paint for almost about 2 years and that was a funny and helpful experience for me such as for my pupils. Also, I have a few experiences as a manager in an IT school for children where my responsibilities included also made posts on Facebook and Instagram. I am interested to work in the digital area and I think it is our future. I want to finish one or maybe two courses in Web Design and to start making my professional portfolio. I have one life principle and it is very simple but I think that we all have to do what we love, only in that case we can do something really cool and high quality. Thanks for your attention and have a good day

Work experience

Remote Helpers
HR manager
December 2020 — present
Personnel selection, conducting interviews, developing and implementing an employee adaptation plan, implementing the company’s corporate culture, identified staffing needs, regular staff certifications.
International tennis company
September 2019 — August 2020
Organization of holidays, hikes, excursions, support of socially significant initiatives of students, pupils, children in the sphere of their free time, development of motivation of pupils, cognitive interests, abilities.
Kindergarten Slavutich
May 2018 — May 2019
Regulation student behavior to ensure a safe educational environment, the realization of educational opportunities of different types of activity of the child, development of students’ cognitive activity, independence, initiative, creative abilities, formation of civic position, ability to work, and live in the modern world, formation of students’ culture of healthy and safe lifestyle, use of constructive educational efforts of parents of students, assistance to the family in solving issues of child-rearing.


State University named after H.Skovoroda
Teacher of fine arts
September 2016 — March 2020


  • Human Resources