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Hello, my name is Eugene. I’m twenty-one years old. I’m a student from Kyiv, Ukraine, and I love creating art. As a bachelor student, I worked as a designer at the university. My duties were creating logos, photos, and videos. Simultaneously, I worked as a software engineer in a product company for more than one year. It helped me get hands-on experience in programming and management as I was in charge of the project. It was needed to set a roadmap, provide estimations, and mainly present work to the customer.
I can say that I am a person who calmly endures stressful situations. There were several ones when it was necessary to work overtime, and everyone on the project was tense, to put it mildly, but that was okay for me. I just did my job. During my professional experience, I developed excellent analytical and communication skills, adaptability, and self-motivation. I consider myself a quick-learning, enthusiastic and hard-working person, and I have proven to work independently and in a team. As a designer, I work in different programs, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and FL Studio. So you can send me materials, and I’ll do all the job.
If it is needed to make a video, I could do that from scratch:
shoot, edit, and write music to it by myself.
I have a passion for doing something creative and, in turn, have many hobbies related: music producing, writing scripts, and creating videos.
I have YouTube channels, Instagram pages for storing and for presenting my hobbies projects. So yeah, I use the computer quite often.
I have an excellent idea for a product that will be interesting for millions of people. That’s why I’m studying Blender right now.
I want my future creations to become known to everyone to cheer up the whole world. As I said, I am engaged in various creativity, which allows me to think outside the box, to look at the problem from different angles, And, yeah, I’m looking for a full-time job. My life principles are: be result-oriented, approach everything with creativity, break through the rules.
I am a fast- and self-learner, so I always learn something new to make my works more interesting.
I have a humanitarian hobby, but I studied to be a techie, so that’s 50/50 for me. Well, everybody likes friendly & helpful colleagues and understanding and reasonable bosses, so do I. Do not hesitate to contact me.
See you next time.

Work experience

Remote Helpers
Video editor
November 2020 — present
Work with video clips, cut them, connect different video fragments, create transitions, add music tracks, titles, and captions.
TankE GmbH
Video editor
December 2020 — July 2021
Creating, editing short videous for social networks, music tracks, titles, and captions.


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Computer engineering
September 2016 - May 2020


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