The Best Way to Hire Virtual Assistants in 1 day

When you need somebody to plan a meeting, help you with smm or gather customers reviews. Anything like this provides our virtual employee.

Do you need an extra hand to run your business?

Olha L.

Account manager

1C, Data Entry, Data Search, Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Office...


Benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Our virtual assistants allow business owners get the help they need. Administrative tasks, marketing, social media management, even call answering and sales. All those things may be done by our VA. You can pass all your daily tasks to a virtual assistant thus focusing on your core business needs.

How much does a virtual assistant cost?

We offer hiring full-time remote workers for 600-700 Euro per month. If you doubt about hiring virual employee, you can watch video interview of every candidate at their CV page. VA may be an important part of your business’s growth when keeping costs down. You can hire one today and see if they balance your load. Set an interview to hire your first Virtual Assistant!

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